Ceremonial Weekender Violet

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One of a kind - Ceremonial Huipil with Black Leather Trim

Made from 100% Guatemalan leather and hand-woven recycled Mayan textiles. Featuring external front zippered pocket with tassel, fabric lined, 2 internal pockets (1 zippered, 1 unzippered) with the option of hand-held straps or shoulder strap.

Provenance: Unknown. This unique guipil is a one-off ceremonial huipil which is beautifully and intricately brocaded. It features many different figures including people, deer and alpacas. 


Fits: Everything but the kitchen sink! Or everything youll need for a weekend or up to 1 week of travelĶ.or more! Itll even fit a couple of pairs of shoes. Or use it for your gym/dance gear and even your yoga mat!

Sold Out