Chi Chi Perraje Escuela Satchel Striped

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One of a kind - Chi Chi Perraje with Suede Trim

Made from 100% Guatemalan leather and hand-woven recycled Mayan textiles. It features leather trimming, 2 interior compartments separated by another zippered document compartment, a fabric-lined front pocket (perfect for phone or pens), adjustable length strap and metal buckle closure.

Provenance: A perraje is a multi-purpose cloth which can be used for just about anything! From a shawl, to a sack for maise or to carry children. The typical colours for Chi Chi Castenango include a white base with chocolate, red and yellow.

Fits: Keys, wallet, phone, ipod a small netbook/notepad/kindle. Great when you’re on the run. 

Sold Out