Chimaltenango Maletta Chocolate Red Stripe

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One of a kind - Chimaltenango with Chocolate Leather

Made from 100% Guatemalan leather and hand-woven recycled Mayan textiles. External front zippered pocket with tassel, fabric lined with 2 internal pockets (1 zippered, 1 unzippered) with hand-held straps and shoulder strap.

Provenance: The weaving from Tecpan in Chimaltenango (just outside of Guatemala City) generally has a preppy base stripe of chocolate, red, yellow and white overlaid with varying brocaded symbols of birds, maize diamonds and the ancient mayan key symbol. 

Fits: keys, wallet, phone, cosmetics, a kindle/SLR camera/ipad/netbook computer/notepad/water bottle… perfect for everyday use.

Sold Out