Happy Birthday: The Athinaeum August 20 2011, 1 Comment

Happy birthday Coco Chanel, my BFF and The Athinaeum.

What better day to birth a blog, than on the same date that bore two of the most inspiring people in my life?

In turn, I dream that you too will be inspired, entertained and perhaps educated whilst you enjoy The Athinaeum.

It's true, I have posted before today however, it was under another name and due to technical incompetence, it was abandoned for a while. BUT, I stick to the practice of "if it's broke, then fix it" so today I have revived and re-titled this blog The Athinaeum hence, Happy Birthday!

What to expect? Have no expectations and you will be delighted*.

To celebrate? I ask one simple wish: Stop and smell the roses.

Do it today, and at each and every chance you get throughout life. And don't just have a quick sniff! Please stop, deeply inhale and savour the sweetness. You will often hear me say that the greatest pleasures in life are not only free, but they are also the most simple and will make your insides smile.

Happy Day Everyone!


*Search for new treasures that I create, along with snippets of inspiration from my adventures!]]>