TLC - Care Instructions

How To Love Your Unique ATHINAEUM Piece.

  • If you pull a thread, your bag will not fall apart. Simply trim it as close to the bag as possible with fine scissors taking care to avoid cutting any other threads. Do not pull the thread.
  • If you choose to use a leather/fabric protector, be aware that the colours may deepen slightly.
  • Avoid leaving your bag in direct sunlight as it will fade the colours of the textiles and leather. Avoid getting your bag wet and if it does get wet empty the contents and leave to dry in a warm shaded area.
  • If cleaning is necessary on the fabric surfaces, use a trusted professional spot drycleaner. For small spots try gently rubbing the area with a damp clean cloth or babywipes.

These handbags, satchels, backpacks and accessories are made with ‘pre-loved’ vintage fabrics and natural leathers which means they aren't always perfect… just like us! Please take due care to avoid rubbing or abrasive surfaces and know that they are made with love so they should be treated with love.

If you have any concerns or questions then don't hesitate to email at