Athinaeum; Like Double Rainbows September 05 2011, 0 Comments

So what the heck is she doing? Double Rainbows? What?!

I left the sunny shores of Sydney nearly a year ago, and the adventure thus far has been AMAZING to say the least. Right now it’s the rainy season, mudslides have closed the roads and political tension is simmering due to the looming election.

I’m in the heart of Guatemala, perched across from the three statuesque volcanoes of Lake Atitlan and I’ve been hard at work. For the last 3 months (with a brief respite in Costa Rica) I’ve been researching, designing and developing the handbag equivalent of the rainbow connection.

What? After falling in love with the vivid outfits of the indigenous women here, I collected a range of pre-owned traditional Maya textiles from around Guatemala. To best showcase each piece of fabric, I have developed a handful of styles which make optimum use of each textile and ensure minimal fabric wastage. My happy team of local leather craftsmen assemble each bag using local leather and suede trimmings. Each bag features hand woven, hand embellished, artistic regional textiles, framed in leather, featuring small details that will make you smile.

So?  This is Athinaeum's debut collection - a range of one-off, kaleidoscopic, indigenous, luxe arm candy with an awesome (his)story.

They are the perfect side-kick for your Southern Hemisphere summer fiesta. Or if you’re feeling a little grey during Northern Winter days, these little companions will keep you bright and chirpy.

In addition to the collection of women's handbags, I’m also developing some radical unisex laptop covers, charmed pouches for bits and pieces and a men's satchel (hello boys!). If you're in need of a spruce up, then check out the regional Guatemalan accessories I’ve collected which are perfect to decorate yourself or your home.

I'll be posting a few pics of the preliminary range in the next few weeks to whet the appetite... BUT... the bulk of the collection is still in production. Don't despair, this is perfect timing, because I've secured U.S. artist Keenan Hock to photograph the range here on the lake once he has completed a 40 day silence retreat later this month!

Become a follower of my blog and I promise that my photos, adventures, inspiration, fashion and random thoughts will be just as entertaining as seeing Double Rainbows!