The Get Away! September 05 2011, 1 Comment

It's Monday, so what better time to plan an escape?

Don't forget your perfect partners in crime!

Quickly pack all your essentials in this grande, sturdy, weekend hold-all, aptly named The Get Away!

It's nifty little side kick La Concha also wants to come for the adventure. She's a wonderful companion for days of sunny sightseeing and afternoon tipples that run late into the night (Huh? How is it 11pm?! Hick...). She has a long, cross-body strap so that when you're unexpectedly shimmying across the dancefloor, you're assured she won't be a hassle and you'll have hands-free dancing till your heart's content.

Back at work next Monday morning... you both sip on lattes and dwell on the thought of doing it all again next weekend. Together.]]>