Who is ATHINAEUM? October 06 2011, 0 Comments

Whoever's game.

Whoever wears it and makes it their own. You are the personality behind the outfit. You wear it with elegance, funk or attitude. You all have your own unique flavour, a different story and little things that make you smile. I believe Athinaeum women and men make the world a better place, but I'm going to let you be the judge of that.

So here are the first three ladies of Athinaeum. We met in Panajachel, Guatemala where they had a small preview of the collection and shortly thereafter, snapped up a few of my pieces. In the throng of life's chaotic perfection, we crossed paths once, missed each other another time, then 3 weeks later, after a whirlwind of travel, our worlds unexpectedly collided once again in Antigua.

Meet Emilie, Harriet and Sophia. They are ATHINAEUM.


Name: Emilie Sheehan   -  Hometown: London 

How do you spend your days:  Studying design.

What makes you happy?  Pristine beaches, chocolate brownies and a good book.

What’s your style?  A well fitted dress, heels and a great bag. Keep it simple.

What inspires you?  Art, fashion, design, exhibitions, colours, people, places etc.

Where in the world, must you see before you die?  Too many places to name...

What makes you excited about your new handbag?  Can’t wait to wear it in England and know that no one else will have it yet! One of a kind.

What do you think ATHINAEUM stands for?  Unique accessories inspired by the beautiful fabrics of Guatemala from an independent designer.

What are your perceptions of Guatemala so far?  Varied, surprising and a rich culture.

What do you love about travelling?  I love having new experiences that you could never have in England and meeting great people.

What are you dreaming about right now?  Working with Bruce Mau.


Name: Harriet Roberts  -  Hometown: Southampton, England

How do you spend your days:  Studying Medicine at Birmingham University - just finished my third year and currently taking a year out of study, planning on returning to finish my course next year.

What makes you happy?  Being with friends and family.

Describe your style or what you feel fabulous wearing?  I am a bit of an all-rounder, but love finding the odd bargain in charity shops and 'the birmingham rag market'. Also have to say that an amazing pair of heels finish an outfit for me (as I'm quite short!)

Who/what inspires you?  I am inspired by other people who achieve what they want and are happy in themselves.

Where in the world, must you see before you die?  This question is too hard -  a million places scream to me! I want to tour Italy at some point though.

What makes you excited about your new handbag?  How AMAZING it is! And how fabulous I will look on my weekend trips this year!

What do you think ATHINAEUM stands for?  A stadium formed entirely from building blocks created by the hard work of a strong and independent woman - Athena!

Describe your perception of Guatemala so far:  I have loved Guatemala - I was amazed by how different the climate can be from one part to another and how beautiful the scenery was. There is so much to do there I would love to spend longer exploring the country.


Name: Sophia Harrop  -  Hometown: Surrey, England

Spends her days:  Studying Psychology at Durham University.

What makes you happy?  Almost everything... In particular I enjoy telling very cheesy jokes and making ridiculous puns with friends.

Describe your style or what you feel fabulous wearing:  I love brightly coloured dresses with quirky patterns on them - I have a blue dress with sailboats on it which has been my summer favourite!! In winter a pair of brightly coloured tights with a dark skirt or dress also looks cool.

Who inspires you?  My dad, because he's never given me bad advice. I'd like to be able to always give great advice to another person someday.

Where in the world, must you see before you die?  Machu Pichu in Peru, and the Northern Lights.

What is your dream?  To learn another language and to live in another country (outside Europe) for several years.

What makes you excited about your new handbag?  The colours and material its made from are fantastic!! I love that it's a one of a kind piece, great quality and is the perfect balance between Guatemalan and Western style.

What do you think ATHINAEUM stands for?  I don't know what it stands for, but an Athenaeum was a temple in Ancient Greece to the goddess Athena. ATHINAEUM makes me think of a temple dedicated to your bags because they're all just so heavenly and wonderful... And that makes you the handbag goddess!!

Describe your perception of Guatemala so far:  Its got everything - great people, great culture, great landscapes and just SO MUCH TO DO!!! Its also got a hustle and bustle about it that makes it feel very lively.

Why do you love travelling?  I love experiencing new cultures, meeting new people, eating great food, seeing amazing sights, hearing different languages and being in the sun. The feeling of escaping everything at home as well, even if just for a short time, is very liberating too.]]>