Head in the clouds October 10 2011, 1 Comment


The soaring cliffs behind Panajachel that often go unnoticed because they are in the opposite direction of the captivating lake with it's triplet of volcanoes. Just below those volcanoes is a town called Santiago Atitlan where the women and men wear garments embroidered with images of the local birds. This particular outfit is one of my favourites in Guatemala and is featured on this bag.

From my courtyard bathroom, I sometimes watch the eagles that fly above the cliffs and they remind me that having the ability to fly starts with an initial idea or possibility.

Yet, in order to fly, we must first rid ourselves of the unnecessary weights we have in every day life that keep us tied to the ground. I call them fears.

Next, fill with faith. Then leap!

Once upon a time ago, humans would ridicule  each other with the supposition of being able to fly... So, just because someone else may not get it, it does not mean that the possibility doesn't exist, you just need to allow it to blossom.

I dedicate this bag to Mum and my fellow dreamers who support and encourage me to wonder, keep my head in the clouds and reach for the skies. Love you.

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure." Nelson Mandela

Imagine the possibility... then make it happen!