The Perfect Getaway! January 09 2012, 1 Comment



The boat owner's son helping with my Getaway about to set sail for Livingston on the Caribbean! 

Last September, on a whim, I set out for what I thought would be a couple of nights at a trade fair (with some partying thrown in) in the charming colonial town of Antigua, Guatemala a few hours from where I lived. After the 2 days of attendance, on a whim, a beautiful free spirit decided to accompany me to the ancient ruins of Tikal to celebrate the equinox and the anniversary of my departure from Australia in, the Caribbean party town, Livingston.

It was an amazing and fun-filled trip that was the instigator of a wonderful friendship with Alicia and highlighted, not only the beautiful ruins and natural landscape, but also the generous hospitality and warmth of Guatemalans. We were welcomed by Alicia's family, friends and many fresh acquaintances who were all too happy to spare a couple of seats for us on the packed public transport, pick us up from obscure locations, cook traditional meals taking hours of preparation and put us up for free! 

Now the thing was, I had only planned to be away for just a couple of nights.... yet all of a sudden, it had turned into a week and a half long adventure! All I had with me was my trusty Chi Chi Getaway Maletta packed with a few dresses, a couple of tees, shorts, bathers, sneakers, sandals and a sarong. And it turned out to be all that I really needed. (This excludes a sneaky thrift store purchase for a Livingston party dress!)

These trusty carryall bags are a fabulous size for a good week or so of travel and are easily transported with the extendable over body strap so they are perfect whether you're 3rd-world roughing it or just throwing it into the trunk of your luxury sedan.

So when you're busy impressing your latest holiday fling you'll be able to let them know it's been ethically made, with antique handwoven Guatemalan textiles AND it's one of a kind!